Frequently asked questions

1. About meWho?

2. Account Management

3. Using meWho?

4. Handling privacy

5. Searching for persons

1. About meWho?

  • 1.1 What is meWho?

    meWho? is a family networking application. It helps you to create your family tree and network with your relatives.

  • 1.2 Features of meWho?

    • Create family tree
    • Search for possible relatives
    • Connect with relatives
    • Send message
    • Share photos
    • Sends notification about persons whose family information is common with yours
  • 1.3 Is meWho free to use?

    Yes, and we show advertisements in the app to make revenue.

2. Account Management

  • 2.1 How do I create an account?

    You need to register with meWho? to use it's services.

    Please read the terms of use and privacy policy, which is available in the registration screen or in our website. If you agree proceed for registration.

    Registration is a simple process, which requires your email account, phone number and password. We need to verify your email address as it will be used for any communication later, hence please be sure to check your email for correctness.

    Once you submit, we will send a verification email to you. You need to press the "Activate" button in your email or follow the link in "Activate" button in a browser.

    Once you press "Activate" button, your account will be activated. Upon successful activation you shall start using meWho? by entering your email account and previously supplied password.

  • 2.2 I didn’t receive my verification email. What should I do?

    Please check your junk mail folder and email filters to make sure it didn't get caught before it reached your inbox. The email is from "" and the subject is 'Activation'.

    If this doesn't work, you can have your email resent. Visit the meWho? login page and click on “Resend activation email” and submit your name and email address which were used for account registration.

  • 2.3 Can I change my email address?


    Fig 1 - Home screen, that appears immediately after your login


    Fig 2 - This menu appears when clicked on three bar icon shown in Fig 1


    Fig 3 - Account screen

    Yes, you can change the email address associated to your account. Your email address is used as your login. To change your email address, navigate to menu, Account and click on the displayed email address. Refer Fig 2 & Fig 3 to navigate to account screen. After changing email address, you will receive an activation mail to the new email address and need to relogin again using your new email address to continue using meWho?.

  • 2.4 How do I change my password?

    Navigate to menu, Account and click on password. The app will ask for old password and new password. Entering so will log you out from meWho?. You need to relogin to meWho? with the new password.

  • 2.5 How do I remove my meWho? account?


    Fig 4 - Account delete screen

    Navigate to menu, Account and then click on three dot menu on the right side. Click on "Delete my account". You need to enter your password for confirming deletion of your account. Following this, your information in meWho? will be removed permanently shortly.

3. Using meWho?

  • 3.1 How do I build my family tree?

    When you log into meWho? for the first time and you haven’t added any other member yet, the initial screen will look like Fig 1

  • 3.2 How do I edit my family information?

    Family information shall be edited either by clicking on the “Home” icon on top row or “Edit family info” button if you have not yet added any member in your family. Click on the “Edit family info” button. It will open up a form, where you shall enter the information about your family.

    The information entered in the family information screen will act as common information for the members of the family who are created after editing family information. For example, if you enter the language as “Tamil” in the family information, the members of the family who are added after this will have their language as “Tamil” by default. This information shall be overridden by editing individual information of the person which will be explained in later sections.

    If the family information is modified later, the information about the members who are already added will not change. You shall modify the member information as per Fig 8 or visiting Family information screens.

    Note: Family information is completely optional. Either you do not enter them in the app or set the privacy settings appropriately through the application menu, if you do not want your family information to become public or worried about data leak. Please refer to section 4 for setting the privacy options.

  • 3.3 How do I add the first person of my family?

    Click on the “Add person” button. It will open up a form, where you shall enter all the relevant information about the person, and add his / her photo too. If you do not supply photo, meWho? will add a default photo based on the gender.

    The first person of the family will act like the “root” of the family. While any information about this person shall be edited later, this person cannot be removed from the family tree.


    Fig 5 - Adding person

    Note: Except name and sex other personal information is completely optional. Either you do not enter them in the app or set the privacy settings appropriately through the application menu, if you do not want your member information to become public or worried about data leak. Please refer to section 4 for setting the privacy options.

  • 3.4 How do I add other members of my family?

    A member is always added as a relative to an already existing member. First add the “root” of your family as explained in section 3.2.


    1. You shall add a maximum of 100 members in your family.

    2. You shall add a maximum of three spouses for a member.

    3. You shall add a maximum of 9 siblings for a member or 10 children for a member.

    Now click on the “root” member of your family, if he is not yet already clicked. A selected person will be drawn with a purple border around him as shown in Fig 6 & Fig 7


    Fig 6 - The root person is added, but not selected


    Fig 7 - The root person is selected

    Clicking on a member will open up a menu sheet with many options as shown below.


    Fig 8- Menu sheet

    Now you shall add additional members of your family with respect to the selected person. For example, now ‘root’ person is selected. Now you shall add his wife by clicking on “Add wife” menu option. Once you fill up information about the new person, that person will be shown in the app as shown in the Fig 9


    Fig 9- Additional member is added

  • 3.5 How do I view members of my family?

    A family with few members is shown in Fig 10


    Fig 10 - A family with few members

    The family tree has a top down display scheme, where parents appear in a row, and in the row below their children appear. Spouses appear next to a person connected together by a circle. Siblings appear in the same row connected by a line in the top.

    The relationship between members are shown pictorially as below.

    1. Spouses (husband and wife) are shown together with a connecting circle between their pictures and names. For example please see how “Sundar” and “Vidhya” are shown.
    2. Siblings (brothers and sisters) are shown with a connecting line from top of their picture. For example please see how “Sundar”and “Mahalakshmi” are shown.
    3. Parent - children relationship is shown by a connecting line from parents to children. For example please see how “Sundar & Vidhya” are connected to “Rohini & Harini”.
    4. If a person has multiple spouses, for example if a person “Son” has two spouses “Wife 1” and “Wife 2”, “Son” appears two times in the row, with “Wife 1” and “Wife 2” as spouses connected with circle. If “Son” has parents they will be shown as they are having two children. Please refer Fig 11

    Fig 11 - Person with multiple spouses

    When a person is clicked / selected, that person’s parents, grand parents, spouses, siblings, spouses of siblings, and their children are shown on the tree. Relatives of spouses ( parents, siblings, their spouses and their children) are not shown on the screen. Only when a spouse is clicked the relation information about the spouses are shown. When a person has more relatives and that person’s relatives are not shown on the screen a circle with three dots are shown on the top right corner of the person’s picture as shown in Fig 12.


    Fig 12 - Person with more relatives shown with three dots

  • 3.6 How do I view all members of my family?

    The family tree may show only part of the family, as explained in section 3.3. To view all the members of the family click on the “Home” icon on the top side of the application. Go to “Members” tab. “Members” tab shows list of all members in the family as in Fig 13


    Fig 13 - List of family members

  • 3.7 Does meWho? sort the siblings in the tree based on age or any other factors?

    No. The siblings are shown from left to right, in the order they were added into the family.

4. Handling privacy

By default meWho? treats information about all of your family members as public except children who are under 13 years of age. Hence if you did not add age information for a child, the information about the child is public. Hence you should review the privacy and visibility settings whenever you are adding a new person.

You can control who is visible from your family and who can see your family information.

  • 4.1 How do I set visibility for members of my family?

    Navigate to menu-> Privacy settings -> Individual visibility.

    All of your family members will be listed in that screen as in Fig 14. You shall turn the toggle button next to individual member “ON” or “OFF” to make the person either visible or invisible for public searches.


    Fig 14 - Visibility setting for individual member

    If you turn “OFF” the visibility of the “root” person, every other member of that family too will be turned “OFF” as in Fig 15.


    Fig 15 -Setting the visibility for root member

  • 4.2 How can I restrict other users of meWho? from seeing my family information or message me?

    Privacy settings are available to control who sees your family information or who can message you. Navigate to menu -> Privacy settings. There are many options as in Fig 16.


    Fig 16 - Various options in privacy settings

    To limit who can see your family tree, click on “Family tree is visible to” option. You will have three options as shown in Fig 17 which are self explanatory.


    Fig 17 - Family tree visibility

    To limit who can see your family photos, click on “Uploaded photos are visible to” option.You will have three options as shown in Fig 18 which are self explanatory.


    Fig 18 - Photos visibility

    To limit who can see message you, click on “I can receive messages from” option.You will have three options as shown in Fig 19 which are self explanatory.


    Fig 19 - Messaging restrictions

5. Searching for persons

  • 5.1 Feature of meWho? search

    meWho? provides “Search” feature to search for other users of meWho? to find out your probable relatives.

    The searches shall be done on basis of

    • Family temple
    • Community
    • Location
    • Association
    • Profession
    • Education and
    • Language

    The other users of meWho? who have matching information will be listed as search result. The search results are obviously limited by the privacy settings of the other users.

    By clicking on the persons on the search result, you shall view his family tree,

    Search is available as a “search icon” on the top of the application. “Search” icon is enabled after at least a single member is added in your family tree.


    Fig 20 - Search screen

    In search form, person’s name is optional.

    Quick search

    This features provides simplified search based on partial name of a person. This option is available from Search screen as in top right corner of Fig 20.


    Fig 20_a - Quick search

    When QUICK menu option is clicked, it shows a simplified search screen as in Fig 20_a. Enter full or partial name of the person, and click on Search. Next screen will show the results.

  • 5.2 How do I connect with persons from the search result?

    Follow the below steps to connect with a person.

    1. Select a person from the search result
    2. View his/her information
    3. View his/her family tree
    4. Select a member from his / her family
    5. Select a member from your family
    6. Select the relationship

    This action will send a request to the “root” member of the other family.

    Once the other “root” person accepts your request, he / she will appear in your “Relatives tab”

    Click on a person from the search result as in Fig 21


    Fig 21 - Selecting person from search result

    Information about a person is displayed as in Fig 22


    Fig 22 - Displays personal information

    Click on the “threebar” icon from Fig 22. That displays menu options for that person as in Fig 23


    Fig 23 - Options screen

    Clicking on the “Show family” displays other person’s family tree as in Fig 24


    Fig 24 - Other person’s family tree

    Now navigate in the other person’s family tree to select the person with whom you want to create relationship, and click on that person. An options menu will be displayed as in Fig 25. Click on “Connect”. Clicking on “Connect” will open a confirmation dialog box as in Fig 26.


    Fig 25 - Options menu


    Fig 26 - Dialog box showing the person to be connected

    Once you click on “OK”, you will be presented with your family tree. Now you need to select a person from your family as in Fig 27. In this example “Bharathi” is selected.


    Fig 27 - Select a person from your family tree

    Now select the relationship between them. Along with possible relationships, you also notice that an additional option as “Bangalore” is also displayed. “Bangalore” is the search term used as in Fig 20. If you are not sure about the relationship, you shall select that option.


    Fig 28 - Select the relationship

    Once you click on “Connect”, a request will be sent to the “root member” of the other family.

  • 5.3 Managing relatives

  • Removing relatives

    Once the other user accepts your relationship connection request, the other person will appear in your “RELATIVES” tab. If you want to remove the relationship click on the “trash” icon as in Fig 29


    Fig 29 - Relatives screen

  • Accepting relative requests

    If any other users of meWho? found and send you a request they also will appear in your “RELATIVES” tab as in Fig 30. To accept or reject the relationship connection request, press the “tick mark” below to the person’s picture and you will have options for “Accept” or “Reject” as in Fig 31.


    Fig 30 - Relatives screen with a request to you


    Fig 31 - Relative request accept or reject

  • 5.4 View relative information

    Viewing the family tree, relationship, photos and sending messages to relatives shall be done by clicking on the relative’s photo on the “RELATIVES” tab. Once you click you will be presented with the options as in Fig 32.


    Fig 32 - View relative information and other options

    Clicking on the “Show relation” will display the “Relation path” from “you” or the “root member” of your family till the connected person as in Fig 33.


    Fig 33 - Relationship view

  • 6. Photos

    You shall upload upto 10 pictures by navigating to “PHOTOS” tab. You shall set the visibility of your photos as explained in Section 4.

  • 7. Messages

    There are two ways you shall send message to other users of meWho?

    1. From the search results as in Fig 25
    2. From the “RELATIVES” tab as in Fig 32
  • 8. Blocking messages

    If somebody has sent you a message and you do not want to receive any more messages from that person shall block that person, by selecting the conversation view from “MESSAGES” tab and then click on the particular conversation.

    Now click on the “three dot” menu from the top right and you have options as shown in Fig 34


    Fig 34 - Block messages and delete message options

  • 9. Notification

    meWho? will send notifications whenever another meWho? member’s information is matching with any of your information.

    You shall control what kind of notifications you want to receive by setting the options in menu -> Notification settings. You shall turn “ON” or “OFF” for the individual items as in Fig 35


    Fig 35 - Notification settings

  • 10. Events

    You shall add your family “events” by clicking “Home” icon from the top, and entering into Family information form. Navigate to “events” section, which provides a form for adding events.